Enjoy Our

Traditional German Cuisine

Our restaurants are comprised of warm spaces thought out to welcome one at all hours. Known for their regional food and wine specialties, meals are served on stylish terraces or brightly lit interiors.

During warmer months, there are local-style barbecues and drinks in the traditional beer garden of Stadtwald hotel. From morning to evening, hearty meals and special drinks are served, and in the late hours, guests are welcome to join a private areas where they can enjoy games and drinks.

The Wine-Style-Hotel is known for its selection of exquisite wines. The bar serves not only beverages, but also snacks. Guests are invited to enjoy the famous combination of pizza and local wine, either as festive groups or watching the surrounding vineyards from a vantage point.

Stadtwald Menu

Enjoy the best of German cuisine at one of Trier’s top restaurants with our unique breakfast buffet and special meals made from the best local ingredients.

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